Supplementation for the Ladies Part 1

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Supplementation for the Ladies Part 1

MN Ambassador Leanne Caunce, this week gives us an insight into the supplements she takes along with her daily diet to enhance her fat loss and long term health goals.


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Ok so why do I need to take any supplements?

First of all, the following information is based on ‘what has worked for me’ over the years and is not an exhaustive list of effective supplements, if that of course even exists. It is purely advice for ladies who may have some ‘similar issues’ as myself.

There are of course lots of health benefits of a variety of supplements I could discuss- however I will focus on the ones in which I myself have found to be the most effective.

I will touch on the basic ones this week, I like to call them non negotiables in my diatary routine- and my upcoming blogs will focus on more specific supplements that I use as part of the ‘next level’ phase.


Why not just a diet?

For me, in my experience although eating a clean healthy and varied (to some extent) diet can hit a lot of essential nutrients. When I am in a cutting phase (diet or prep), some of these would be lacking from my diet. I will therefore use supplements along with my diet to ensure I am taking them onboard. In some cases, some of these may be missing completely.


Multi Vitamin…Why?

Ok so, I am eating clean, and my diet fits my macro-nutrient goals (fat loss), therefore I am in a cutting phase. I am training hard- up early for fasted cardio and also working full time. I take a good quality multi-vitamin to help keep my body’s defences strong and I find this helps to keep away minor illness such as coughs and colds.

Mission Nutritions’ multi-vitamins are a great quality vitamin and I ensure to take these every day without fail.


Ultra Greens…..Why?

You can read a more in-depth review of Mission Nutrition Ultra Greens in my earlier blogs, for me I take them first thing in the morning, as they set me up for the day. The blend of superfoods not only give me a great energy boost, I know I am giving my body a shot of goodness before the day begins.


DIM… Why?

You may not have heard of this supplement, a few years ago when I was studying ‘Nutrition’ I decided to do research into the role of hormones on fat storage in women.

Interestingly enough, I learned about Oestrogen dominance and how this was linked to fat storage on the legs, bum and hips (also includes back of the upper arms).

I won’t go into too much detail in this blog, however DIM plays an important role in the metabolic processing of oestrogens in the body. If we can metabolise oestrogens more effectively, this helps to unlock the fat stores on the legs, bum and hips.

Once I incorporated taking this supplement into my diet, I noticed changes on the lower half of my body. I take 2-3 DIM a day with food and I would recommend this to any lady struggling with fat stores on the lower half of the body.

It is available online, or can be specially ordered to health shops, Tesco Nutri Centre, Horwich branch always have it in stock.


Omega 3… Why?

Simple terms, essential fatty acids are needed by your body. I take EFA Omega 3 caps every day as not always can my plan be rich in this. Of course you can add oily fish into your diet, however my diet can change therefore I will use Omega 3 caps daily. Available from Mission Nutrition online.


BCAA drink…why?

I always use BCAA powder in my water during training, these branch chain amino acids need to be incorporated as part of your diet. They in turn can help recovery and performance during a workout. Mission Nutrition offer two different options of BCAA’s- I prefer to use powder that I can add to my pre/during and post workout drink.


Part 2 BLOG will move onto other supplements I use to take my results to the ‘Next Level’ …. If you are a lady starting out on your fitness journey, the above mentioned supplements added into your diet plan would be a great starting point.


Leanne x

Leanne Caunce

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