N-OX Female Pre Workout Formula

Supercharge your energy levels, increase fat loss and improve your body tone using a combination of 15 key ingredients to maximize blood flow, focus, and workout intensity during your exercise routine. Buy N-OX now to boost your workout routine and develop that lean and toned body you deserve.

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Who is N-OX Female suitable for?

If you want to increase your focus, energy, and training intensity during your workout routine. N-OX will give you the extra boost you need to push yourself to perform above and beyond your normal expectations.

So what are the active ingredients in N-OX Female Pre Workout and what do they do?

  • Instantised BCAA 2:1:1 – Three essential amino acids your body needs to develop lean muscle
  • Caffeine – Stimulates your central nervous system, increasing your energy levels and reducing fatigue.
  • Green Tea Extract – Helps to support and maintain your immune and cardiovascular function, and also promotes fat loss.
  • Guarana extract – Intensifies your energy levels and promotes fat loss.
  • Capsicum (Cayenne) Extract – Burns off fat and also acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Dandelion Root powder – Promotes your liver health and has also shown to protect against cancer.
  • Ginger Root powder – Reduces your nausea and is also an anti inflammatory.
  • Beta Alanine – A fast acting non-essential amino acid that increases Carnosine in your body, delaying muscle fatigue and boosting your energy levels rapidly and on an explosive level.
  • Zinc Bisglycinate – Boosts your athletic performance and speed. It also aids in the prevention of disease and when taken on a regular basis helps to boost your immune system.
  • Magnesium Citrate 30% – Boosts your energy levels and reduces your fatigue. Supports your bone growth and helps to keep your muscles function healthily.
  • Niacin – Also known as Vitamin B3 – maintains your nervous system and also helps your body to digest and release energy from food.
  • Arginine AKGBoosts your energy and workout intensity, and helps to deliver other nutrients in your body.
  • Taurine – Increases your mental focus and is also a powerful antioxidant which supports and protects your body’s cellular properties.
  • Vitamin C – An immune system booster which will also reduce the onset of fatigue, helping you to perform at your best.
  • Phosphatidyl Serine 20% – Increases your energy levels to boost performance and also reduces muscle damage.
  • Beetroot Extract – Boosts your energy levels to increase training intensity.

How do I take N-OX?

N-OX is best taken 15-20 minutes prior to exercise.

Is N-OX Female safe to use?

N-OX contains high levels of caffeine, so if you have a low tolerance to caffeine or you are concerned about the levels of caffeine in N-OX, consult your doctor before use.

Suggested Use

Add three 5ml scoops (13g) of N-OX Female Pre Workout to 150 ml of water. Mix well and drink. For the more experienced user, add four 5ml scoops (17g) to 200ml of water. We recommend consuming 15-20 mins prior to exercise for maximum results. Do not exceed recommended use.

Serving Size



iBCAA, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Guarane Extract, Capsicum (Cayenne) Extract, Dandelion Root powder, Ginger Root Extract, Beta Alanine, Zinc Bisglycinate, Magnesium Citrate 30%, Niacin, AAKG, Taurine, Vitamin C, Beetroot Extract, Phosphatidyl Serine 20%.




Contains high levels of caffeine containing ingredients. If you are sensitive to caffeine, please consult a doctor prior to use.


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