MN Shaker Bottle

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A high quality shaker bottle, ideal for mixing up your protein shakes.

100% BPA and DEHP Free.

Dishwasher safe.

About MN Shaker Bottles

Mission Nutrition’s Shaker Bottle is a high quality supplement shaker.

Made from tough plastic with a fill gauge on the outside (in both ml and ounces) and a stainless steel whisk inside you can be sure your supplements are mixed perfectly every time. Although the bottle body itself is black, it is translucent so you can see the level of the liquid inside.

MN Shaker Bottles have screw top lid and a tight snap cap that actually snaps closed to guarantee it to be leak free.

With it’s smooth design and ribbed grip, tough build quality and snap cap, this is a high quality shaker. In a cool black and red combination, it also benefits from looking good too!

How do I use the MN Shaker Bottle?

Simply add your desired amount of liquid together with your chosen powder supplement, add the ball whisk to the shaker, screw on the lid and shake!

Are MN Shaker Bottles safe to use?

MN Shaker Bottles have been through stringent quality testing and are made from strong BPA and DEHP free plastic. Exposure to BPA and DEHP (a phthalate found in many plastic household items) has now been linked to reduced thyroid hormones, which every cell in your body depends on.

MN Shaker Bottles have been created with materials that are 100% free of any of these damaging elements.


BPA and DHCP PP (Polypropylene) bottle, stainless steel ball whisk




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