MN 750ml Sports Bottle (Pink)

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What are the benefits?

  • One-way valve technology
  • No spills or drips
  • Green Friendly
  • BPA Free


The Mission Nutrition 750ml Sports Bottle is made from premium food grade Polyethlyene.

Our 750ml sports bottles are BPA free! BPA, or¬†bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical commonly used in plastic manufacture that can seep from the bottle and into the contents. BPA contamination has been shown to have several negative effects on people’s health. Our bottles are 100% free from such chemicals and give you complete peace of mind.

Our sports bottles are green friendly, made using 35% of recycled materials using a closed-loop manufacturing process, which means there is zero chance of any sort of contamination.

This doesn’t mean a reduction in quality, we have simply introduced the greenest product we could possibly find!

The easy clean, non drip cap will ensure your bottle contents won’t spill out all over the floor if you accidentally drop it or tip it upside down!


Sports Bottle Features:

  • One-way valve technology that prevents cross-contamination as it prevents flow back into the bottle.
  • Prevents spills and drips. Pressure is required either by suction or squeezing of the bottle to allow fluid flow.
  • No push-pull mechanism, which avoids potential snagging of lips and teeth, and removes the temptation to chew the cap!
  • Green Friendly – Made with 35% recycled material.
  • BPA Free.

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