Fitness Kickstart Bundle

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A combination of fat burners, Multi Vitamins+Minerals, along with CLA soft gels to help you acheive that toned bikini body and feel great. Buy it now and receive a free diet plan worth £19.99!


So what’s in Mission Nutrition’s Fitness Kickstart Bundle?

Thermo Tone Fat Burners:

Suppress your appetite, burn your body fat, increase your energy levels, and most importantly, get toned. This advanced Body Toning and Fat Burning Capsule is a revolutionary combination of 14 unique ingredients that have been specially selected by our team of female health experts for their own individual fat burning and body toning properties.

Active-8 Multi Vitamins:

Boost your immune system, maintain your skin and body health, and maximize your body’s defences. Each serving gives you 100% RDA of the most important vitamins your body needs.

CLA Softgels:

Promote fat loss while Improving your muscular tone. Produced using a high strength and pure form of CLA derived directly from safflowers and is commonly used by those wanting to get toned and lose body fat.



Also, receive a FREE Diet Plan worth £19.99!



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