Gold Standard Whey Protein Review

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MN Ambassador Leanne Caunce, has taken time out of her busy schedule to review Mission Nutritions top selling product. Gold Standard Whey Protein and explain why it is effective not only for men, but women with differing goals.

As a women looking to attain a lean body, it can be very confusing knowing which products available on the market are suitable. There are lots of differing opinions of professionals and quite often can seem like a minefield.

It can be hard for anyone to work out which protein is best? or even can women take protein?

YES GIRLS YOU NEED PROTEIN! (if you are serious about training and looking to achieve a fit and toned body!

Ok so why Mission Nutrition Gold Standard?

First of all, when selecting my protein I think about the QUALITY of the product. MN protein uses ingredients that are tested by the ani-doping lab and therefore I can be confident I am taking a professional product.

Next TASTE! Yes, to me taste is important. Health and fitness is a way of life for me and if it doesn’t taste great I don’t want to use it!

Mission Nutrition offer a great selection of flavours but my favourite has to be Gold Standard BANANA flavour, wins every time!

The Macro-Nutrient breakdown of the protein:

Per 25g Serving:

Energy kcal – 100.5

Energy kj – 426.5

Protein (g) – 19.8

Carbohydrates (g) – 1.5

– of which sugars – 1.5

– of which starch – 0

Fat (g) – 1.8

Sodium (mg) – 50

Fibre (g) – 0

Saturates (g) – 1.1


Per 100g:

Energy kcal – 4.2

Energy kj – 1706

Protein (g) – 79

Carbohydrates (g) – 6

– of which sugars – 6

– of which starch – 0

Fat (g) – 7

Sodium (mg) – 200

Fibre (g) – 0

Saturates (g) – 4.2

Per serving, Gold Standard Whey Protein offers 20g Protein, and is LOW CARB and LOW FAT, this is ideal for my dietary requirements.

I take one serving directly after training and can honestly say that it mixes fantastically and tastes amazing whilst delivering the macros needed directly after training.

Why should I take protein after training?

Girls, after a tough workout in the gym you need to take protein to help maximise recovery, aid performance and repair damaged muscle tissue. Don’t worry, you wont end up with big muscles!! It is essential to aid recovery and help develop that lean and toned body you are looking for.

Come on Girls its MN Gold Standard 1 scoop post workout, what are you waiting for?



Leanne Caunce

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